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Who am I? What is my mission?

Where to start...

Well, I have been a news junkie for decades and after retiring I started not only reading news, but saving articles. Like any hobby, it started out with a few here and there, but now it is many, many every day. Yes, I read them all too. 

My files were getting rather messy, then I discoverd OneNote, which is an outstanding program to organize about anything, and away I went. To my surprise I was finding that I would see patterns developing, as a history being built. Now I have about 135 GB on my new 4TB external hard drive.

To get back to what I am doing here, sharing info and educating when I can. I started relearning history and realized just how we all had been duped for decades.

A few years ago I thought the corruption was a large sheet of fine net/spiderweb over the globe. Now... more like 1000's of layers. Never, never did I imagine how deep and vast it was, but I see it adding layers every day, more and more. DJT will just be peeling back a layer....God bless him and all those who have dedicated their life and time to dig for the truth and share it. 

This is my little part. 

Aside: Originally I had planned this site to quietly and slowly evolve with materials added in an orderly fashion. It was planned as a library of sorts to share my archives on many topics, but with the esculation of events I thought it imparitive to give you a quick rundown of important info  which will help you understand the insanity of today's world.  11-22-2020

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