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Lost Rights

Too many are not aware of what really is happening with this "new normal" Globalist propaganda and are getting way to comfortable with TYRANNY. 

The Covid 19 Plandemic was a perfect opportunity to reach their goals faster, after all never let a crisis go to waste. What a great time to see if they can divide people, keep them isolated so they can not communicate with others, split families, create panic, kill small businesses, enrich their friends and see how the sheep would react and how far we could be pushed. 


Unfortunately we are seeing way to many sheep following down the path to their Utopia without questioning the "facts", motives, or realizing their rights are being eroded.  As much as you may not want to believe the plans they have had for us for over 100 years, of what has been done since the start of the the Plandemic. 



Aside: For months I have been planning this site, and this format was not my intent, but as I have mentioned a number of times, I feel it is urgent people wake up. The graphics below are screenshots of pages from my OneNote files. Most are titles of articles, which you can not click on, but you can type the title into your browser. A few are not connected because they are memes or some other format I have saved. If there is a date before the name of the article, leave that off, as it is not part of the title. 



I want to point out:

1. The vastness of loss of rights in a very short time, which should be of great concern to all. 

2. What the Globalist believe the new normal should be for all of us, except them.

3. These exemplify what the goals are, and that is control and power. 

March - November 2020

page 1.JPG
govn bans drugs.JPG
google tracking.JPG
page 2.JPG
page 3.JPG
page 4.JPG
mosques ok churched fined.JPG
hunt and isolate.JPG
2 no fishing.JPG
page 6.JPG
page 5.JPG
2 take children.JPG
2 arrest for.JPG
churh license plates.JPG
churh license plates.JPG
page 7.JPG
pink arm band.JPG
3 cv passports.JPG
Page 8.JPG
3 electricity.JPG
3 rest lists.JPG
3 cv passports.JPG
page 9.JPG
newsom T day guidelines.JPG
3 time ltd hours.JPG

Get the picture? 

How far will we let this go? When do we draw the line in the sand? Why are we not getting the true numbers of the Covid deaths? Why do the "orders" change to mask and lock down? How far does this go before we live in a police state? This is a very slippery slope we are on. That my friends is something we all need to take a hard look at. 

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