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New Tea Party Tactics?

President Trump has express how important our work at the local and state levels is. We know there is a real rift between the RNC/RINOs/establishment Republicans and us Patriots, so it is up to all of us. Did you realize the RNC did very little to support the ground game/grassroots in the last elections? For the last few weeks, I have been mulling a number of ideas around in my head. This is just a start of what I want to share, because I believe we need every tactic and idea we can come up with to win. 


It is time to develop plans, organize and kick it in gear. 

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The NYT article "The Secret History of the Shadow Election" bragging about how the Dems/Progs had planned to cheat way and organized to take over all facets needed to steal the votes as soon as the 2016 election was over. If you have not read it, please do, as maybe it is time to get your ire up.


The Tea Party scared the hell out of the Democommies, especially the Progs, and there is article after article that supports that. After DJT was elected the Progs decided they had to do something to survive the 4 years of President Trump. I have posted the info of how they started the Tea Party of the Left called Indivisible.

This Is How We Win

This is a great interview done by Frank & Beans, who I am sure you know! They interview Dan Schultz, who explain how to take control of the Republican party in your area. Listen and see the documents below the video. 

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Discussed in the video is The Precinct Project with Dan Schultz. It gives you instruction of how to take control of the Republican party in your area in a few simple steps, says Tracy. She added that many are terrified of you finding out about this. 

The site has just been updated also!  

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