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The Plandemic & The Passports

Some believe the end game of the plandemic, is not the vaccine, but what the vaccine will enable the globalists NWO aka Great Reset to do. THAT IS TO TRACK AND CONTROL YOU! Matter of fact it will become part of your ESG, which is akin to the Chinese credit score, but it will encompass E= environmental score, S = social score and G = governmental score.

Never forget there maybe more than one use, benefit, etc., that will help the NWO to get us to their goals. 

Just think if the "vaccine" was suppose to kill many off, or could sterile us, or create problems in a month or a year. They were ecstatic when they saw many cooperate like sheep...going to slaughter. 



naomi wolf vaccine passport video.JPG

The Vaccine Passport Platform is the same platform as the social credit system. When you act like a good citizen, you get a boost but when you act like a "bad" citizen you face dire consequences."
Once the platform has been created (and tenders have already gone out to tech companies in the UK and USA), it will be very simple for other digital services to plug into it.
Microsoft and Salesforce have already rolled out an alignment of the vaccine passport in with Apple pay and Google wallet.
The US is already starting to propose a digital currency. Once that happens, pay and bills will be attached to the platform.
This will create a #CCP style monitoring and control over every citizen on the globe.
Post something supporting Trump on social media? Your pay may get docked. Join a church? Your child may be unable to attend the best college.
This global database will give China the final leverage it needs to take over the world. Big tech and China already work closely together.
A white paper was recently leaked out of China, discussing a proposal to hold the world hostage by using the bio data of every citizen on the world. (China has already purchased many DNA bank company in America).
Naomi has been deplatformed five times for speaking out, and says it is all part of #CCP type conditioning to teach people that censorship is normal. It's also conditioning Americans not be believe in Western-style free speech.

Naomi's website DailyClout has a campaign running to showcase model legislation, to ban vaccine passports. Check it out.

Let's get more info!

"What's your climate credit score?" That's a question Americans may have to answer if the green global elites get their way. While the media has distracted us with Orange Man Bad! and Russia, Russia, Russia!, the Left has been busy working on the fundamental transformation of America with a primary pressure point — YOUR money through YOUR bank. Democrats, forgetting the words of MLK, like to group people into categories. They judge you based on what skin color you have, your religion, occupation, your ideology, and now … your carbon footprint. Glenn exposes how they're now planning not only to categorize you, but to give you a score. It’ll determine everything for you: whether you can buy a home, get a new car, open a business … EVERYTHING. And if you don’t bend the knee? You'll be blacklisted. But this isn't some far-off conspiracy theory. Multiple big U.S. banks are part of a private U.S. financial group enacting these policies now. It’s here, and we’re ALL at risk.

Glenn explains how The Great Reset may soon influence EVERY financial aspect of your life — from car loans, business loans, mortgages, and more. It’s all thanks to the partnership between America’s biggest banks, the federal government, and global groups like the World Economic Forum…and it has already begun: The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins describes how Merrill Lynch now assigns ESG credit scores for customers. It may not affect you yet. But soon, a low score — based on things like products you buy or how much electricity you use — could SIGNIFICANTLY impact your life.

Add in Corporate Allies!

What the government can not do legally, their corporate friends and allies will do. 

There are some things the new dictatorship has chosen not to do, or SEEMINGLY not going to do to the population, because it would be too much like the CCP and the peasants might revolt.

INSTEAD they have their big allies do the dirty work.

1. Enacting a social credit score system. A number of banks will control you by their new system which will replace your credit score with ESG scores, which is your scoring on environmental, social and governmental ratings. It has already started. 

2. Mandating vaccines with proof of vaccination, hence vaccine passports/paperworks. We now have businesses forcing people to get vaccines to work, travel, and other things. If you have had the vaccine you will have more freedom.
It is being done for them by the corporations, banks, and state and local tyrants.

3.Little known is BO's Operation Chokepoint and I am adding it as I am lumping banks right in with corporations.  Operation Choke Point was a plot by President Obama’s Department of Justice, the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and other government agencies to cut off banking and financial services for small businesses and industries that they deemed to be political enemies or otherwise undesirable.

Some of these businesses included gun stores, ammunition shops, fireworks stores, small dollar lenders, and home-based charities.

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