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Tea Party of the Left

Know Thy Enemy & Use What Works

Did you know that they thought the Tea Party had done such a great job that they decided their plans needed to include the tactics used by the Tea Party. 

Here is a little blast from the past article from The Atlantic, which is definitely a left publication. See what they had to say. Give the Tea Party Credit: Their Grassroots Tactics Worked Oct.4,2013

Indivisible the Progs Answer to the Tea Party

There was an excellent Twitter thread by GigiSims on Indivisible, but of course it is gone and of course, I archived it. This is from May 2017. 

INDIVISIBLE, a new progressive activist organization, entered the political arena in 2017. Their mission: To resist all of Trump’ […]"

Thread: 1) INDIVISIBLE, a new progressive activist organization, entered the political arena in 2017.

Their mission: To resist all of Trump’s agendas in every congressional district.

Since its inception, over a year ago, the organization has grown to more than 5,000+ groups.

1 indivisible.jpg

2) When Trump was elected, the progressive response was one of fear & of feeling threatened. It wasn’t long before they channeled that fear & anger to fuel the energized Resist movement, and create a guide to resisting Pres. Trump rendering our country ungovernable.

2 indivisible.jpg

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3) Energized by the response of the guide, two congressional staffers, & volunteers worked from their living room w/volunteers dedicating nights, weekends, & sick days to form the national Indivisible organization targeting all of Presidents Trump’s agendas.

3 indivisible.jpg

4) With over a billion dollars in media coverage, they changed the national political narrative. 

5) From the left’s perspective Trump’s victory was an atomic blast that would set their movemt’s progress back 50 yrs. It meant their future plans to complete the transformation of America, into their vision of a socialist utopia under absolute Democrat rule, was now in question.

6) While referring to the first year of Trump’s presidency, Indivisible’ co-exec director’s offer affirmation to their new members in a special note stating, “It’s been a full year of darkness, danger, and damage.” Really?

7) While the left imploded, the right was eagerly anticipating less govt. & the restoration of previous norms. For 8 yrs. a seemingly salivating Obama, reveled in destroying societal norms that cons held dear, with a reckless, almost narcissistic, disregard of their ideals.

8)Under Obama’s rule, patriotism became something only racists

celebrated. Conservative’s & liberal’s sons & daughters, mothers & fathers died out of love for their families & country, military & Leos, alike. There is no greater wound a president can inflict on his people than...

9)… to invalidate the very meaning of their loved one’s sacrifice by attacking them & their families for it. The country could & still can always count on Obama & the left to side w/the criminals rather than the military and police who keep their own families safe at night.

10) The polarization of our citizenry is so inextricably profound, both sides are living in two very different realities with nothing but a bottomless cavern & no hope of a bridge between us.

11)The diff. now is that the left is energized by their desire 2 stop the bleeding over their loss. Even more than energized, they're resolute, & as we’ve seen, there are few limits 2 quenching their desperation. You will discover it in this 2nd installment of exposing the Resist

11 indivisible.jpg

12)In one year Indivisible groups across the nation have taken 39,333 actions to thwart President Trump’s agenda at every turn.

12 indivisible.jpg

13) “We win and take back Power” 

 Indivisible project groups made over 600,000 calls and sent 34,000 texts messages to focus on 21 target VA House of Delegates races and won 15.

13 indivisible.jpg

14)Decades of building infrastructure across society makes it possible 2 erect new orgs quickly. A cooperative effort exists to reach a common goal to gain power. A detailed plan of the future for every aspect of American life, & governing over it, is in almost constant motion.

14 indivisible.jpg

15)Indivisible earned $1.37 billion in media coverage in 2017. They modeled some of the Tea Party’s tactics and refined their own more detailed approach. They were instrumental in stopping the repeal of Obama Care.

15 indivisible.jpg

16)Different liberal groups joined together to make maximum impact and new groups formed along the way. To flip seats or rally progressive voter support, they knocked on doors, made calls, and sent texts.

16 indivisible.jpg

17) Their ultimate short-term plan is to retake the House in 2018.

17 indivisible.jpg

18) Indivisible was fiscally sponsored by Soros’ Tides Foundation, a 501(c)(3), &The Advocacy Fund, a 501(c)(4). They're far-left philanthropic org funding the likes of Media Matters, Natl Council of La Raza, & radical leftist groups like Acorn (shut down) once tied to Obama.

18 indivisible.jpg

19) In one year, Indivisible raised $7.5M an erected almost 6,000 groups in all 50 states. Though I question whether some of their claims are inflated, when you have the right infrastructure, this is what you can help you accomplish.

19 indivisible.jpg

20) While Indivisible boasts of 6K groups, it also volunteers a map of the states that have donated. Clearly, they want people to see it. Most of the major mainstream publications have written articles featured their organization to get the word out. Cooperation.

20 indivisible.jpg

21) The cost of doing business cannot be measured just in dollars. What the left's resistance is accomplishing is to destroy the remnants of public confidence in every institution in which our society depends. Media, judiciary, Intel, DOJ, or govt. it appears to matter little.

21 indivisible.jpg

22)They research, determine, targets, & resolve not to stop until all are executed. In 2017, town halls were shut down by leftist bully’s unrelenting chants & shouting to silence conservative congressmen & women. Perhaps parents should protest schools that weaponize our young.

22 indivisible.jpg

23) Again, Indivisible earned $1.37 billion in media coverage in 2017. They’re just one of the left’s orgs. How much did the other groups earn & how does an activist group earn it? This is the important research that can make a difference in your own activism. I can’t do it all.

23 indivisible.jpg

25)Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg are the former congressional staffers who created Indivisible. Do any of these people have connections lawmakers? Who else within the movement, Hollywood, or activist orgs are they connected? Are there any connections to ongoing investigations?

25 indivisible.jpg

Here is the guide. Should anyone desire to use it be sure to read & understand the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial- Share-Alike 4.0 International License before using it. Click photo. 

indivisible guide pix.jpg

*****If you want the Group Leader Toolkit. Click here.*****

Conservatives are lacking activism. Gigi plastered this note to all conservatives at that time. Think it still holds true?

26 gorka.jpg

Gigi's final words: Everyone should take a hard look at what you want for the future generations of America. What kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind for them? If it's one that supports our constitution & bill of rights, then it might be good time to learn what it's gonna take, & act on it.

If you don't want the left to win then you will have to do what the left is doing. Start your own groups and get moving, no excuses, no 'President Trump has it handled.' Learn about civics. We've nearly run out of time needed to get active before we lose 2018. If we do it's on us

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