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What We Can Do

It is now or never!

We are the ones we have been waiting for. No one is going to clean up this mess but us.


President Trump has mentioned we need to boycott companies who do not respect us as consumers and align with our values. You will find the old phrase "money speaks louder than words" to be true, and article after article I have read confirms that. Many of our thought leaders are saying the same thing. 

warning sign.webp

Most do not remember how the big mining companies supplied/owned a mining town's housing and the general store. The big mining company would allow people to buy on credit and live in the housing while employeed by them. This "credit" system was in place to make sure they had a secure workforce. That is where the phrase "owe my soul to the company store" started. The system that is coming will be similar, but think "credit score", which is starting with the ESG scores. If you do not obey you will be starved, not allowed a job, and basically shunned and exiled from society. 

On a broader spectrum, we are dealing with a world wide onslaught from the globalists who want to reach their Great Reset goals. There is to be no private property, which means no small business owners or farmers, etc.  Businesses will be owned by select corporations or government (corporate fascism) and they will determine what you will buy, where you will buy it and what you will eat as they will control the land, resources and food supply.


Crazy talk ? Think how the plandemic has destroyed small businesses and force people to use the large stores that remained open, and sometimes limited what types of items we could purchase. Those businesses have made a killing. Gates, other billionaires and foreign countries, as China,  have bought up much of the land and natural resources, including mineral and water rights. Getting the picture now? (I will be adding pages explaining much of this.)

Great article with the mega corporations listed. Take a few minutes for some surprising info.

These 11 Consumer Goods and Food Companies Control What You Buy

companies illusion of choice.png

The above article explains these points.

We are the true majority and we hold the ultimate power if we chose to unite and act. We need to unite and act.

1.Stop buying CHINESE products or only buy 2nd hand ones.

2.Awaken the rest of the sleeping patriots.

3.Educate ourselves and spread our knowledge.

4.Utilise the God-given skills of our Patriots

5.Build our own system. 

I am going to add:

6. Become a non-consumer as much as possible. Buy local. 

7. Paydown your debt. Stop being a debt slave.

8. Become self sufficient and self sustaining as much as possible.

9. Recycle, reuse, repurpose. 

Boycotting Helps Defeat Cancel Culture

What cancel culture really is, is a boycott war at its heart.

Cancel culture wouldn’t have any teeth if businesses and government bodies didn’t capitulate. It would just be a lot of people complaining about something online, and to be honest,  the internet’s default setting is people complaining about something to everyone else. Shrugging off the opinions of others is becoming second nature as we evolve as a culture alongside web access.

This means that the moment a business caves to cancel culture, not only must you make them understand that what they did was wrong through social media, but do what Americans have done for ages and begin voting with your wallet.  Defeating Cancel Culture Is Way Easier Than We Think

There is more on this topic on What We Can Do Education on the Menu. 

Just A Few Examples and Wins!

6-4-21 Every little thing helps because there are many more of US than them! Keep in mind that the Coke Co. is very vast and encompasses many brand names beside the soda. 

coke NO.jpg


coke down kellogs next.JPG

Glenn Beck has been doing a terrific job keeping people up to date.

coke for sale.jpeg

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

We got a double header here folks! 

After generating outrage over Georgia election law, Stacey Abrams group starts asking for end to boycotts

Many, many articles and videos state the #1 way to fight back is with your wallet. Boycott the businesses that do not support your conservative values and ethics. We are the majority! If you can, let them know why you will not be shopping with them, using their services, or banking. We are in a life changing position and will not be going back to what we have considered the old normal, but we can make the new normal to fit our lives

Think back of how boycotts have worked in the past. The Tea Party used boycotts effectively in the past. We use sanctions against other countries, which is similar. 

target sales drop.jpg
target a year later.jpg

Remember this?

And more good news! 

Home Depot has responded to the hordes of left-wing activists that are demanding it surrender over Georgia’s election integrity law. It is not the statement the radical left was looking for.

Home Depot Issues Statement to Left-Wing Boycotters Over Georgia Election Integrity Law

Let's Get To the INFO!

6-4-21 This page has been updated to these 2 very comprehensive sites where you can find just about anything in regards to boycotting. There is no point in me reinventing the wheel with multi sites for info when there are these 2 sites!

Boycott the Tyranny

Cancel them before they Cancel us

From theunwoke. com 


This is an amazing site and has mega places listed that we should boycott and patriot places to shop. 


Wonderful information and it  has a searchable database for companies to boycott, plus may other ideas. Below is a list of suggestions you can enact to resist. 

What can you do to resist?

1) Call and email them to let them know that you do not support their left-wing agendas! Hound them to support good causes, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, Project Veritas, Freedom Watch, Freedom Works, Citizens United, Americans For Prosperity, the American Center for Law and Justice, Gun Owners of America, the Heritage Foundation, the America First Policy Institute, the NRA, Hillsdale College, and the RNC. Also, tell them to stop advertising through the Marxist media, and to instead advertise with the good media outlets.

2) Support other companies instead, in particular, smaller, regional, or local ones, especially those headquartered in Republican-dominated cities or states. If you can't boycott all of these companies, then take note of our "WORST" in category companies. If a large company is not mentioned on this page, then there's a good chance that they are apolitical and thus can be supported. IMPORTANT: When faced with a choice of companies that are all on this list (for example, major credit card companies), pick the one that you find the least offensive that we have not targeted as "WORST" in category. Also, keep in mind that there are ways to partially boycott a company. Examples: If you're a Coca-Cola addict, then stop buying Coke for 2 to 4 weeks. Do not buy food, drinks or NFL attire if you attend NFL, NBA or MLB games. Sneak your own food and drinks onto flights with airlines on this list. Buy personal care items, vitamins, etc from good online retailers instead of our boycotted grocery stores. Use open-source software instead of Microsoft software. Feel free to liberally demand refunds, discounts, and return products bought from these left-wing companies.

3) Let us know if we're missing a large company that fits our criteria to be on this ever-growing list. Provide article links if possible. Also, let us know about the good companies. We depend on your research.

4) Look the other way if you see their stores being looted and destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA -- Don't call the police! In most states, mere failure to report a crime isn't a crime in itself. However, there are some exceptions. Don't feel sorry for these companies. Most of these companies have cheered on and/or financed the mobs that continue to loot and ransack their stores, and through advertising dollars, they continue to financially support the media that lovingly justifies the riots.

5) On your own website, blog, or social media page, copy and repost this list as your own, or post both a link to this page and a link to the archived pages (in the event that this page is ever 'canceled' by big tech). Follow us on Gab (best choice) and Minds. Oh, and if you're a coder, then create an app for conservative shoppers!

6) Sell any individual stock that you may own in these left-wing companies, or if you continue to hold shares, then at least vote against all leftist board members, and spread the word on social media to other shareholders.

7) "Cut the cable" or at least scale back your cable TV package! Stop supporting the Marxist media networks: MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, TBS, Comedy Central, ESPN, etc.

8) Invest in the American Conservative Values index fund (ticker symbol ACVF) instead of your usual S&P 500 or total stock market ETF.

9) Join the movement away from Big Tech. Support alt-tech news, social media, and browser.

Why I Am Leaving Amazon

Banks & Payment Systems

Defund Our Demise is a small group on Gab and worth taking a look at what they are doing because they have some good ideas and a great place for you to add yours too. 

defund our demise.JPG

Travel Services


You need to be aware of possible problems and limitations. 

A bit of info from a friend on Gab about social media and companies involved with the Intel Community. 

Integrity ♱ Valor ♱ Wisdom@ivw



Parler quit free speech. The proof is the Parler app is allowed in the Apple app store again. Unlike the Gab app, that's still banned by Apple & Google because Gab doesn't censor legal "hate speech."

The first two links show Gab is still banned. The third shows Gab removes & reports illegal content, unlike the poor track record of Facebook & Twitter.

Gab is banned from Google & Apple for refusing to censor speech.

Gab Calls on Facebook & Twitter to be Banned

Each article has slightly different info

Parler Bends The Knee To Big Tech

Apple to allow Parler back in its App Store


Apple will allow Parler back onto the App Store


Apple Signals Return of Right-Wing 'Free Speech' App Parler

Previously I had a account. Minds allows the same "hate speech" that makes a Gab app ineligible for Apple & Google, yet somehow Minds is approved. I deleted my Minds account when I learned Minds is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) & that Amazon provides cloud computing services for the notoriously evil CIA.

Cloud Computing for the U.S. Intelligence Community


Some Minds users hypothesize Minds gets a "free pass" for their content by Amazon because Minds is funded by the CIA through In-Q-Tel. That way the gov't can monitor people who can't use Facebook & Twitter because of what they post. If Minds is funded by the CIA it'd explain why Minds is allowed on the app stores, when Gab isn't & Parler was removed until they complied w/ the Apple TOS. If Minds is funded by the CIA it makes sense they don't advertise it otherwise no one would use it.


In-Q-Tel: A Glimpse Inside the CIA’s Venture-Capital Arm


21 Tech Firms Funded By CIA-Front Group In-Q-Tel


From the previous article, In-Q-Tel Portfolio

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