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What We Can Do  Government

It is now or never!

People all over the US are standing up and getting involved. This is to give you ideas of what is happening and some resources. It is essential to understand the importance of your local and state governments and the power they have. 

Note: Government has no power unless we allow them the authority over us...remember the consent of the governed? For too long we have given the power over to the political class. Taking back the power starts at the local levels. 

This video is essential to understand where we are and where we are headed. At about 25 minutes Trevor tells us what we can do. 

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Ideas of What We Can Do

Many people do not realize the states have some powers of their own. These are powers that are not granted to the Federal government through the Constitution. Unfortunately some states of given over their rights to the Federal government. We need to take these back! 

But if you do not understand and have the knowledge we are at a disadvantage in this war. 

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Powers Of The States – Three Patriots

Each year, the federal government takes more and more power from the states and gives it to itself.  The only way for this transfer and takeover of power to end is for the states to keep those powers through court action and likely a Supreme Court ruling.  Right now, however, the Supreme Court justices are not largely on the side of states’ rights over federal powers.  Until states insist on their powers remaining within their own control, you can expect the federal government to continue to grab for more and more authority.

The title and link to a great article from Steve Baldwin at the American Thinker and one to read thoroughly if you want to take action, which is why I bother to put all of this out there. Ok, so I am being snarky today. This is a bit from the article and there is so much more in it. We have to stop being so nice and start punching back. 

It is time our side use this tactic as a way of protecting our constitutional rights. Here are some of the issues that could be affected by the concept of nullification:  

  1. Nullify all 1st Amendment Restrictions.  States should refuse to enforce all federal edicts and Supreme Court rulings that impinge upon the 1st Amendment protections of our religious freedom, such as efforts by radical gays to force churches, faith based adopting agencies,  religious schools, colleges, and businesses to carry out a radical gay and transexual agenda.

  2. Nullify all federal efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment.  States should nullify all federal laws that compromise the 2nd Amendment such as those being proposed by the Biden team.

  3. Nullify open border policies. With Biden announcing his intent to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens, combined with his hostility to border security, expect the border to get  out of control. Already, migrant caravans are heading to the border.  States should nullify such pro-open border policies and use their resources to stop illegal immigration.   The reality is that states were originally involved in setting immigration policy and indeed, used to detain and deport illegals prior to the existence of a Border Patrol or ICE. The only mention in the constitution regarding immigration is "to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization."   

  4. Nullify the anti-police agenda.  During the Obama regime, his DoJ hamstrung city police departments all over the country with phony “civil rights” investigations, resulting in cities hesitant to arrest or prosecute violent thugs.  With anti-police activists surrounding Biden, his administration will do the same, thereby empowering leftist rioters in our cities. The founders never gave the federal government a law enforcement role as they thought this responsibility best be carried out by local police and sheriff departments.  States should resist and ignore all federal anti-police regulations and DoJ harassment of local police departments.

  5. Nullify all federal efforts to preserve fraudulent voting procedures.  Conservative states need to immediately take action on election fraud and pass comprehensive voter ID laws, which, of course, will be attacked by Biden’s DoJ as a “civil rights” violation. States also need to remove the estimated 2-3 million illegal aliens from its voting rolls. Indeed, a fact check site has documented that the millions of illegal aliens are currently voting and may have thrown the election to Biden. States need to stop disenfranchising its legal citizens and also purge from its voter rolls dead people, repeat registrations, and those who moved out of state.   

Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse has a few pertinent things to say. If you don't read this site, I highly suggest it, as it is an older alternative site, has a more "mature" insight/opinion to many issues and words are not minced and facts are used. The comments are usually pretty informative too. 

TCT - Is It Time for Red States To Start Using Their Power to Nullify Federal Law?

A line of thought, that is not new, but once again being discussed is the Convention of States, which is to limit the power of the Federal government. Listen carefully. IMPORTANT INFO!

Written into Article 5 of the US Constitution is the ability for states to recommend amendments to the Constitution through a convention of states, and a push to do so is now underway. To learn more about the movement behind this, and to address the rumors, questions, and concerns around it, we sat down for an interview with Mark Meckler, president and co-founder of Conventional of States Action. How a Convention of States Could Rein in Federal Overreach: Interview With Mark Meckler

The Democommies are hell bent on usurping the power of the states and shred the Constitution, as a dead document. 

Ideas for the Local Level

  • One thing the Democommies have always been great at is organization and long term planning. We might very well need to talk to Tea Party members! I know they are still around! Or maybe those Patriots who have been winning at the local level! 

  • Grassroots organizations are vital in your community and you need to start primarying from the bottom up.

  • Keep in mind Soros will buy anyone from the dog catcher on up, he especially likes people in the justice fields. 

  • Keep the pressure on your state representatives and local leaders as they work for you and sometimes need to be reminded of that. 

  • Start with getting liberals off the school boards, out of local government offices and the courts. 

  • Don't forget about recall actions either. 

  • Rather than wait for the midterm elections in the hope that the political pendulum swings back automatically, conservatives ought to leverage the countless, practical policies that are burgeoning at the state level.

  • Ideas of what other states and local areas are doing to make changes for the people. 

2 Organizations to help you!

Operation Sunlight


Taking our country back is up to we the people and we can begin with the state we live in and find a few like minds to get this going. The introduction to this plan starts about 13:00. 

operation sunlight.JPG

The Precinct Project

Steve Bannon and his War Room: Pandemic guests are discussing the importance of conservatives getting involved in the Republican Party by participating in Precinct ReOrg.

How to take over the Republican Party! 

It appears there is plenty of support for Patriots. 

Happenings throughout the country!

++++States Are Pivotal to Reviving the Conservative Cause


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I will be adding on to this! 

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