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What We Can Do


Time to stop being so damn nice! 

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We need to resist, disrupt, throw out obstacles, be loud, grow a back bone and fight fire with fire! Can we do it? Damn right! 

How to Resist…. Effectively!


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You can read the complete article by Stu Cvrk here.  

"How to Resist...Effectively!" 

Thanks to Red State who has outstanding journalists and content. 

Yes, we can “resist,” and we can do so productively. Nonviolent resistance is both possible and effective, and success breeds success, as more and more people are being red-pilled with each passing day. Nonviolent protests have been successfully used by the Left to achieve their political goals; we can do it better. What is required is organization, persistence, patience, and tactics that can make a difference. Simple stuff, including a basic understanding of the concept of active resistance and passive resistance methodologies, that can be applied in neighborhoods, precincts, churches, and local civic organizations. And dedication and persistence to see it all through to a restoration of the Republic.

Here are some tactics that a local organization can implement, as compiled by a retired special forces pal of mine:

Flyers/News Letters

Includes the use of accusatory text that puts the Left on the defensive. Free handout racks in local restaurants, on street corners, welfare and employment offices, malls, store/grocery store bulletin-boards, coffee houses, motels/hotels, anyplace near college campuses, on-campus locations (e.g., libraries, student union facilities, etc., using student volunteers), and so forth. One good dissemination format that has proven successful is the Graphic Novel styled Current History Booklet (this could be how high school/college materials are presented). This has already been used to great effect by our government and socialist organizations; time to turn the tables on them. An organization producing such informational materials could defray costs by selling the materials to other like-minded organizations across the country.


These campaigns should extend beyond localities and sync across the country with heads-up to conservative news outlets. Here is an example of one that targeted Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

A conservative media watchdog group launched a billboard campaign … calling for embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to have his Emmy award revoked over his role in the COVID-19 crisis at the state’s nursing homes.

Accuracy in Media, placed a mobile billboard outside its midtown Manhattan headquarters displaying the phrase “Cuomo Lied, Thousands Died: Revoke his Emmy Now.” The group argued that Cuomo’s policies were “directly responsible” to thousands of deaths at New York nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and called on the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to revoke the Emmy that Cuomo received for his televised briefings.


Dissemination (littering) has to be planned to minimize local government protest or counteractions. This is best done with no attribution. Examples include lists of “woke” corporations dominant in a given area, cartooning/graphics that make the socialists crazy, and political cartooning-type messaging that highlights the Left’s hypocrisy. Hand them out to the kooks in public places who wear shirts with leftwing slogans on them, in particular.

Flash Soapbox Speeches

Organize speakers, complete with soapboxes, to give simple to-the-point 5-minute (maximum) speeches in public spaces: parks, malls, in front of sporting event access gates, grocery stores, fast food outlets, just off property at schools when parents are picking up their kids, plazas in front of federal buildings, etc. Concurrently, organize the flash crowds to arrive 5-15 minutes ahead of the speaker to ensure an enthusiastic crowd of listeners that can be spread out to attract the attention of actual target crowds. An organized crowd could arrive, infiltrate, listen to the speech and immediately dissipate – repeating the exercise at four or more locations on a busy weekend day or holiday. One variation can be to have a seemingly single person stop and sing the National Anthem or America the Beautiful with the organized flash crowd joining in – all parties dissipating right after the song is over.  Another variation:  flash masklessness!

News Re-Distribution

This involves the use of social networks, email networks, hardcopy handouts (see above), high school and college “Weekly Reader” type news flyers (in graphic novel format?), etc., to get the word out on topics of local and national importance.

Cameras Everywhere

Encourage conservatives to always have a smartphone or camera at hand and to capture and record every situation in which a leftist actor is out of line. Download and disseminate the files with context to conservative and liberal media sites and social media. Catch every little asinine/contemptible/illegal act the leftwing activists engage in. Stand and film, film and run, drive-by filming, surveillance filming (from concealment). These tactics have been used very effectively by the socialists, their millennial minions, and the legacy media for years; time to beat them at their own game.

“China No More” Campaign

Deploy flags, banners, leaflets, bumper stickers, t-shirts, small stickers, sidewalk chalk signage, billboards, etc., all declaring Communist China, CCP principles, programs, technology, and intellectual property theft, and Chinese products to be bad for Americans, American commerce, and a threat to the US and the world. In cities with Chinese embassies, consulates, and heavy instructor presence on/nearby college campuses, organize marches and writing/public speaking contests. If public spaces cannot be arranged, then utilize private civic organization spaces. Also, start a campaign to ensure every person in America understands that China is buying up critical American food production and processing facilities – in which standards are dropping daily. Note: Mirror this effort with a Not My UN campaign. Out China and the UN for the scam-dogs that they truly are.

Dollar Gas

Declare “Dollar Gas Day(s)” in which an organization encourages as many persons as possible to put signage for a given message narrative on their vehicles, and then all go to a single gas station location that is very public and noticeable and to get a single dollar’s worth per vehicle, doing so slowly. As with the many Trump vehicle rallies, the event can snake through an area for hours, being noticed by all passers-by and perhaps even the local media. Folks can circle the area before and after getting gas, and as long as they are not actually blocking traffic, they should be beyond being hassled by the police.

Commerce Slowdown

While many people purchase what they require and often cannot find a non-Chinese product to fit their needs, encourage the local population to steer away from Chinese products. Motivate people to “shop by label” and avoid Chinese products anytime there is a choice. The same goes for US, foreign, and/or multinational corporations that support anti-American culture and values or promote “woke” political correctness. Get the word out about these countries and corporations by all means possible, to include Guerrilla Information Operations to inexpensively spread a given message, as described here. Here is one example. Print a large number of stickers that simply say, “OWNED BY CHINA”.  Have volunteers infiltrate grocery stores and while “shopping” place the labels on packages of Smithfield Foods meat products.  One carload of folks could individually label 6-10 packages each and then move on to the next store. This type of protest is not uncommon in the European Theater of Operations. Pick a product and go label it. Doing one’s own label production helps keep the operation covert.

Scouting-like Programs

Support neighborhoods, clubs, social organizations, and churches that promote old school freedoms and woods-craft/urban skill-craft (e.g., land navigation, reporting on observations, mechanic skills, carpentry, etc.), especially those that do local projects or volunteer work for homes for vets type programs and/or conduct firearms safety courses. Promote critical thinking skills, including thinking for oneself instead of group-think and also thinking through and understanding civic rights and constitutional issues.

Vote-related Billboard Campaign

This tactic can be applied to any subject, with the primary goal being a coordinated effort and messaging across a state or even the country. Billboards have good traction with targeted groups and can greatly enhance their “viewership” through social media dispersion. Coverage or “rate of views” of a given billboard can reach far beyond that of a traditional statistic in a given geographical area through photographed copying and annotated inclusion in the many social media connections of a wide range of assorted demographic communities. Messaging in not only targeted but through a wide range of different messages on widely separated billboards can be, through social media, widely dispersed and still brought together to convey detailed messaging in the whole.  A local organization promoting such a message can also at minimal cost have a group (internal or contracted) that inserts the billboard campaign into social media and ensures message grouping to enhance the messaging.

To positively influence verified voting and surety of the vote, a billboard campaign could be initiated as a campaign that is non-political in nature since it messages all parties with the only goal being to keep the voting and ballot-counting process honest and fair. Call it “Promote the Vote” or something similar. Examples of messaging:

  • Voting: A Right, A Duty

  • Voting = Freedom

  • Voting: ID provides surety and integrity

  • Have ID, Will Vote

  • Vote in person = YOUR VOTE; A Mailed in ballot = who knows?

  • The Vote: ID + Polling Place = transparency and surety

  • The Vote: Remote vote = opportunity to cheat YOU

  • Voting: for CITIZENS of the USA

  • Voting: Harvesting = manipulation

  • Voting: Mail in = manipulation

  • Only at the Polling Place – just to be sure. (Let the vote be verified.)

  • The only way to ensure YOUR vote is counted: show up and VOTE in person

  • Voting: to make it work honestly, show up and vote in person.

  • Exercise your right to vote – at the polling place.

  • Voting: Show up or shut up.

  • FEELING REBELLIOUS? Rebel at the Polling Place! (Photo of folks at machines voting.)

And more along the same lines – with the advice of motivational psychologists.

Additionally, each billboard would include graphics designed to promote the messaging, for example:

  • All images of people include wearing the “I VOTED” sticker one receives after voting.

  • A photo of folks at a polling location with the machines spread out as they usually are (for privacy) and the caption – “Voting in-person – social distancing – not a problem.”

  • A split billboard – one photo of a person at a polling machine captioned “YOUR VOTE” – second photo of a box of harvested ballots captioned “WHO’s VOTES?”

  • A photo of a person checking into the polling place, with ID in hand captioned “YOUR Vote Will Be Counted,” and the second photo of an open box of harvested or mailed in ballots captioned “You will wonder WHO VOTED”.

  • A photo of an open box of harvested or mailed in ballots captioned “Magical Mystery Ballot Box”

This campaign could be promoted to all media outlets for further (FREE) coverage.  Even though neutral in messaging it might be only picked up by conservative media but coverage is coverage.  BUT – if picked up by MSM a spokesperson ought to be prepped to “make the rounds” of talk and morning news shows, newspapers, and magazines – versed to stay in the center no matter how the questioning breaks.

Voter Challenge

Implement an election day challenge. Set up a site to post fun and novel photos of voters going to/from, at or relating to going to the polls to vote. Examples: a Donut Vote – giving out donuts while in line to vote. A Costume Vote (best costume). A Bananas Vote. A Chocolate Vote, etc. Promote the challenge on social media with the intent of having the challenges take off and circulate on their own.

Initial postings made ahead of Election Day would be collected in-house. Pre- and post-election postings to be judged with a prize of an all-expense-paid trip to CPAC 202x.

Vote Harvesting Organization

For all states that allow such, go for maximizing harvesting while executing the process and responsibility honestly with invited “observers” to verify the process and provide transparency. Every vote harvested and executed honestly takes away from the shifty harvesting programs currently in place. We can do this better than the Left can do it! If a state has granted a monopoly for such activities, that too could be the starting point of an information operations program to challenge the harvesting monopoly. Perhaps the status of observer could be codified and forced on the current harvesting operations.


Conclusion. This is just a starter list of tactics that can be productively employed at the local level with little to no expense. Add in your own thoughts, and this all gets better. Communicate and network with every sympathetic American. Persuade, cajole, debate, arm-twist. By the way, old-school billboard campaigns are THE BOMB. We frequently discount this in the digital age, but it is a winning information operations technique that is YUUUGELY enhanced by spreading the pictures on social media networks. All it takes is a little organization, a little ingenuity tailored to local conditions, and a few highly motivated people.

Fighting Words!

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